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What We Do

Our goal based investment process is designed to help people make sound financial decisions and to accomplish what they want with their money and time. We coordinate all of the advisors who play a part in managing your wealth and estate.

Our Approach

We are an independent wealth management firm specializing in goal based planning. We follow an established process. This process includes:

1. Establishing and defining the client-advisor relationship

2. Gathering client data, including goals

3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status

4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations

5. Implementing the financial planning recommendations

6. Monitoring the recommendations and making changes as necessary

The “Bucket Strategy, Income for Life”.

The “bucket strategy” is an approach aimed to increase the odds of your retirement portfolio lasting a lifetime. Portfolios are split into separate “buckets”, each designed to generate income for a designated segment of retirement. Money is always taken out of the low risk assets, which are then replenished from the other “buckets”.

Financial Planning offered through LPL Financial. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing in mutual funds involves risk.

We work with our clients to...

• Develop financial goals
• Create a timeline
• Understand risk tolerance and expected rate of return
• Use data to analyze existing investments and make recommendations about what to do going forward
• Determine asset mix
• Estimate expected rate of return
• Create a plan for retirement
• Provide access to many types of retirement accounts (IRA, Roth, 401(k), etc.)
• Help you to determine your yearly IRA Required Minimum Distribution and which accounts and asset type to take it from
• Help you determine when to access your Social Security benefit for optimum income
• Help decide which investments to own in non-retirement accounts
• Look for ways to reduce taxable income
• Understand the taxes incurred when you buy or sell investments
• Understand insurance-what type and how much (including life, long-term care, disability, property and casualty, and health insurance)
• Manage an emergency fund
• Help educate your children and grandchildren about investments and financial concepts
• Discuss leasing an automobile versus buying
• Cash management
• Outline the basic steps to construct an estate plan (will, power of attorney, health directive, trusts)
• Reach out to our circle of professionals in accounting and law for advice on complex situations