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Our Compensation

The majority of our compensation is fee based on assets under management in advisory accounts. A fee-based structure more closely aligns our client’s goals with our practice. If our client’s assets grow, our income grows; the reverse holds true. We have an incentive to treat assets if they were our own. We “sit on the same side of the table” as our clients.

Over the years, we have found that a fee-based relationship allows us to remain more flexible. Commission based arrangements tend to limit our flexibility. We prefer to be compensated for our advice and management over time, rather than by the amount of trades performed.

Our fee based arrangements allow us:
• Access to various types of securities, including recommendations from LPL Financial’s research team.
• Freedom from up-front or back-end commissions on individual trades.
• Flexibility to update your investment strategy as personal or market circumstances warrant.
• Competitive fees which align our interests in growing your assets.
• Continuity in our relationship and collective pursuit of pursuing your financial goals.

We believe in customizing each client's portfolio based on personal circumstances and goals. Advisory fees charged depend on the total mount of assets involved along with other personal factors. All advisory related fees are charged through LPL financial, a Registered Investment Advisor.